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Gain Control Over Hard-Copy Document Costs

In today’s competitive business world, a growing number of companies strive to provide access to high-volume output, color output, and document finishing options. But they also need to manage costs, curb unnecessary waste, and accurately bill device activity back to clients and departments.

Surprisingly enough, many of these same organizations cannot quantify the costs associated with the use of basic equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and network printers. Now there are affordable solutions to help. With Canon cost-recovery software, you can enable user access to all necessary device features, but accurately track usage, influence behavior, reduce waste, and help your bottom line.

Gain Comprehensive Insight into Device Activity

Now you can understand exactly how your staff is using printers, scanners, and copiers. Canon cost-recovery solutions deliver comprehensive details on all copy, scan, print, and fax activity, and allow you to manage document costs by device, department, user, document attribute, and more. You can monitor activity from almost anywhere through a convenient web-based interface, and also set the software to deliver alerts and scheduled reports automatically via email.

Rein in Unnecessary Expenses

Armed with useful information about network activity, you can now make informed decisions that increase resource efficiency and streamline productivity. Canon cost-recovery solutions allow you to better allocate resources to those who need them most, and set limits and controls over output capabilities where they might be wasted.

Uncover and Eliminate Hidden Costs

With comprehensive insight into output-related costs, you can influence behavior company-wide. Encourage users to work more productively and cost effectively, with a better appreciation for efficiencies gained by options such as 2-up, 4-up, duplex printing, and intelligent use of color.

Accurately Track and Bill Back

By comprehensively tracking internal usage, you can learn which areas of your business are using more output resources. Accurate, detailed reports enable you to allocate costs to internal departments and correctly bill external clients as needed.

Collaborate Easily Wherever You Work

Canon cost-recovery solutions are ideal not only for small offices with only one or two printers, but also for enterprise-level organizations.


Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • General Office

    Many large organizations bill business units for service on an internal basis. Canon cost-recovery solutions allow them to accurately account for document costs and ensure that they are tracked and billed appropriately.

  • Legal

    Law firms often bill document costs including fax, print, and copy activities to clients. Canon cost-recovery solutions enable them to assess these costs more accurately, with granular insight into document printing and copying usage.

  • Consulting

    By using the imageWARE EMC Accounting Management Plug-in’s three-tiered billing code functionality, consultants in all fields – environmental, financial, billing, and more – can easily account for document costs and accurately charge them to their clients.

  • Marketing

    Creative groups can more accurately bill clients for output costs, especially color proofs and other expensive output options.


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