Device & Network Security

Strengthen an All-Too-Common Weak Link In Security

Chances are your company already has systems in place to protect confidential information from external threats. But are you as safe as you think? Traditional security measures focus on networks, workstations, email, and databases. Devices like printers, faxes, scanners, and copiers are usually left vulnerable. Is critical company information fully protected when a copied confidential document can so easily be carried out the door?

Canon imageWARE solutions help you close this gap by protecting all documents and information that flow through your output devices. Not only can you safeguard print, scan, and fax activities, you can even monitor the contents of copied documents to prevent leaks.

Protect Valuable Confidential Information

Now you can comprehensively protect your business’ strategic plans, employee records, and confidential customer data from unauthorized access via copiers, printers, and faxes. With Canon imageWARE security solutions, you can reduce internal breaches, prevent accidental leaks, and respond quickly to others.

Deter Information Leaks

Canon imageWARE security solutions operate discreetly behind the scenes to deter potential wrongdoers from accessing or leaking critical information.

Respond Swiftly to Breaches

Timely alerts can be crucial to preventing information loss. With Canon imageWARE security solutions, IT administrators can set up notifications that are triggered automatically whenever specific keywords are printed, scanned, faxed, or copied.

Reduce Risks by Tracking Job Activity

Canon imageWARE security solutions enable you to continuously track and archive network-wide activity details such as time, date, user, as well as text and image data.All this information is stored in a central database restricted to authorized administrators, and can be used to trace the source of potential security problems.

Identify Wrongdoers

A robust audit trail enables you to know who leaked what and when. If you suspect dangerous activity, you can search activity by attribute, text, image, or any combination of the three.

Facilitate Compliance

Companies today must keep careful records of how customer information is used and shared. With Canon imageWARE security solutions, you have a complete audit trail of all device usage to further ensure compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and government regulations.

Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • Finance

    Use Secure Audit Manager to protect customer account, social security number, and credit card information, and to facilitate compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Healthcare

    Keep your patients’ medical records and personal information secure, and ensure compliance with both HIPPA and organizational guidelines.

  • Government

    Keep data and important information including confidential documents out of the hands of potential wrongdoers.

  • Manufacturing

    Protect your intellectual property and keep vital pricing and other information out of the hands of your competitors.

  • Legal

    Protect your intellectual property and keep vital pricing and other information out of the hands of your competitors.Help ensure that confidential legal documents and client information can’t be exposed to anyone outside authorized handlers.

  • Education

    Protect documents and data such as student transcripts and personal information about both staff and students.

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