Network & Device Management

Streamline Output Device Administration

If you manage an IT network, very likely you have mission-critical responsibilities that demand your focus and attention. Minor printer or copier issues can take up time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. So why not take advantage of tools that make it easy to streamline and automate output device management?

Do you use several different device management utilities? Or worse, do you administer network output devices manually, one at a time? If you manage more than one device, the powerful, easy-to-use network and device management solutions from Canon will help simplify your work life, freeing you to focus on higher-level business priorities.

Easily Manage Network Output Devices

With Canon device management solutions, you can discover, install, configure, manage, and monitor all network output devices across your entire organization from a single web-enabled location. Now you can improve your effectiveness by automating many common tasks and proactively monitoring devices to ensure maximum uptime for your users.

Simplify Your Day with Automated Tasks

Chances are you need to add new devices, set up new employees, and establish new processes regularly. Canon device management solutions streamline these processes with tools that automatically discover devices, update Address Books, and synchronize saved shortcuts across your organization. Now you can turn projects that were once a chore – including meter reading or print driver updates – into automated, scheduled tasks that occur at off-peak usage times.

Maximize Uptime and Minimize Maintenance

Nothing disrupts an otherwise productive workday quite like a help desk call that might have been prevented. Canon device management solutions can automatically generate email reports and text message notifications that give you precise information about problems with your devices. Find out if machines are low on toner or if parts need to be replaced soon. As a continually informed administrator, you’ll help reduce surprises, maximize device uptime, and boost organizational efficiency.

Start Small and Scale Easily

Canon device management solutions can scale to nearly any size, large or small. Designed with a modular framework including extended functionality via plug-ins, these solutions are flexible enough to work well for every type of organization and then adapt to meet the many changing needs of your business.

Boost Functionality with Plug-ins

Canon device management solutions offer a modular platform that allows you to add the functional plugins you need and leave out the ones you don’t. Many specialized plug-ins are available for tasks that include meter counter reading, print driver installation, accounting, cost control, device access control, and font and color profile management.


Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • Enterprise

    IT departments in large companies have varied and important tasks to perform. Any-thing that can simplify and streamline their workflows is welcome, especially if it concerns functions not central to the success of the organization. With Canon device management solutions, you can easily streamline a wide variety of workflows related to printers and other networked devices. Now you can set up, track, bill, monitor, and maintain a fleet of devices from one convenient location. You’ll save time, control costs, and free your staff to work on more important tasks.

  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Canon device management solutions are designed to help businesses of all types and sizes. So long as you maintain a number of devices, you can rely on Canon imageWARE solutions software to help get the most out of your print, copy, and scan device investments.

  • General Office

    Many large organizations like to keep careful track of internal expenses by depart-ment, user, client matter, and more. Canon device management solutions allow companies to accurately account for MFP use and ensure related costs are tracked and attributed correctly.

  • Legal and Consulting Firms

    Law firms and other consultants often bill document costs to clients including fax, print, and copy activities. Canon device management solutions enable them to assess these costs more accurately, with granular insight into document printing and copying usage.

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