Canon iPF TX-4000

Canon iPF TX-4000

The Next Standard of Engineering. Canon is pleased to announce the new 44-inch TX-4000 large-format printer. New Print Head. New 5-Color TD Pigment Ink Set. Optional Multifunction Roll Unit. Advanced Security Features.


The all-new 5-color TD pigment ink set was formulated to produce fine lines and sharp text on both inkjet and non-inkjet paper. Combine this pigment ink with water resistant media and you can have a printed drawing that can withstand most outdoor conditions of a construction site.

Optional Multifunction Roll System

The Multifunction Roll System is a versatile media handling unit that allows for a second roll of media to be loaded on the printer, or the unit can be configured as a bi-directional media take-up unit.

New 1.07-inch Print Head

The newly designed PF-06 is a 1.07-inch, 6-channel print head with 15,360 nozzles. It is designed to work with the printers’ high-speed carriage and high-frequency ink ejection to help enable faster printing.

Robust Security Features

For those users handling confidential documents, the imagePROGRAF TX Series devices feature improved security capabilities from previous models. An encrypted hard drive with IPSec support, as well as SSL/TLS and 802.1x authentication help provide operators with peace of mind knowing that their private information is more securely protected than in the past.

TX Stacker

The new TX Stacker can stack up to 100 sheets of ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E/E1 page sizes for increased productivity. When not needed, the TX Stacker can be folded for a smaller printer footprint.

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