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With Canon Document Distribution hardware and software solutions, users can capture, convert, and distribute, both hard-copy and electronic files into existing or new workflows from their imageRUNNER devices or desktops. This helps create unified workflows in which internal users, groups, departments, and organizations can collaborate efficiently with each other as well as external clients, partners, and entities. Canon Document Distribution solutions make it easy to establish automated, customized, and secure document-routing, as well as adapt to changing business needs. All of this keeps work flowing at a faster pace, improves communication efficiency, and significantly extends the value of an investment in Canon hardware and software solutions.

Communicate Efficiently

We all exchange and distribute documents and files as a means to communicate our ideas. Transforming hard copy documents into digital files and instantly distributing them – on your network or anywhere in the world – securely and with confidence is integral to maintaining your competitive edge. Canon document distribution solutions empower users with the ability to deploy all forms of information to multiple destinations across a diverse and ever-changing digital landscape.

Protect Your Confidential Information

In today’s business environment, the need to secure documents (hard-copy and electronic files alike) is a key priority. While conventional security measures focus on networks, workstations, and databases, what about networked office equipment? Since many document distribution functions require sending information outside company firewalls security can become a prime concern. Canon addresses this concern by offering authentication applications that can lock down the entire device or only the document distribution capability. Authenticating users prior to scanning allows you to track and control all network activity, restrict user access, and integrate easily with many identification systems including magnetic card readers, contactless card readers, and keyboard password entry.

Streamline Fax Distribution

For businesses worldwide, faxing is still an integral part of the communications technology mix. In fact, for many companies, faxing can be high-volume and critical to business. Canon has developed compelling ways to boost security and efficiency for all your fax-related document distribution activities. Canon fax distribution solutions can help you to transform your fax workflow by automatically routing documents to predetermined locations, such as email, file servers, or network folders and provide email notifications and history for tracking and audit trail purposes.

Business Process Integration

Canon document distribution solutions easily transform paper into business value by leveraging Canon imageRUNNER technology to bridge paper and digital workflows, seamlessly integrating paper documents with business applications. The opportunity to convert paper documents into electronic files that are easily shared and distributed into network and back-end business applications presents an immense value proposition to businesses. As a result of electronic distribution, which provides users with an efficient way to share and collaborate on documents, a dramatic increase in document throughput is realized.

Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • Healthcare

    For healthcare providers, document traffic can be intense. Lab requests, reports, and charts are sent and received constantly. Communications can break down, phone numbers and e-mail addresses can get lost, and crucial documents can go missing. To provide a high level of care and service, this vital communication link must be as available and efficient as possible. Canon Document Distribution solutions offer a number of methods to reduce costs and streamline the sending and receipt of critical documents. Canon Document Distribution solutions offer opportunities to speed up and streamline these processes. From the high speed printing and scanning capabilities of imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems to one-touch integrated workflows to user authentication you can jump-start efforts to take your healthcare practice into the electronic age. With quicker access to critical patient information, you’ll deliver better, more accurate care while benefiting from more efficient, lower-cost workflows.

  • Financial

    Loan applications, Cash transaction Reports (CTRs), Suspicious activity reports (SARs), Customer Information. There’s no getting around it. If you work in the financial industry, you deal with paper and electronic documents all day. Your operations may depend on traffic-heavy fax systems, legally mandated archiving, and labor and paper intensive workflows between front and back offices. If that weren’t enough, you have to worry about security too. What if confidential information is leaked or stolen, exposing your institution to expensive litigation or regulatory sanctions? Canon offers a wide range of new hardware and software technologies to help financial services companies better manage, archive, distribute, and secure documents. Canon Document Distribution solutions can increase efficiency by automating workflows for loan applications and other processes. These solutions also help reduce manual errors during document distribution and enable financial institutions to meet client and regulatory requirements for confidentiality. The end result is more efficient and secure document processes for your business.

  • Legal

    The legal world is paper intense. Attorneys, paralegals, and other staff continually need to review, proof, and annotate documents, often using pens to apply comments and edits to hard copy documents. But with new electronic filing requirements and the need to increase profitability while reducing costs, your firm is likely moving toward a digital workflow. Canon Document Distribution solutions can help your law firm save money and increase productivity. With Canon Document Distribution you can scan documents, save them in a searchable archive, and send them to many different colleagues with a single touch. Canon security solutions can also help ensure that you can collaborate securely with clients, partners, colleagues, and the courts. At the same time, you probably have case management processes in place. For that reason, Canon Document Distribution solutions are flexible and geared toward the particular needs and real workflows of small, medium, and large law firms.

  • Education

    Paper documents have always been critical to delivering a positive educational experience. But these days, cost cutting measures and a drive toward more environmentally responsible campuses have changed the way students, teachers, and school administrators view and use hard copies. While no one wants to compromise on the quality of the educational experience, everyone wants to use paper more thoughtfully and economically. Canon technology is ready to help. Canon Document Distribution solutions contain unique features that can help teachers better communicate with students and each other, using both hard-copy and electronic documents. Educational administrators can leverage these solutions to help their organizations contain costs while conserving paper and resources. They can also provide students with easy access to printing, copying, scanning, and distribution related tasks.


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