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Upgrade Your Document-Handling Capabilities

Today’s businesses face a relentless torrent of both paper and electronic files. Most companies want to simplify how they acquire, manage, and distribute these documents, but solutions can be elusive. How can incoming hard-copy pages be easily converted to electronic data? How can you manage digital archives without disrupting existing workflows? Is there an easy way to provide secure access and distribution?

Canon imageWARE document management solutions help you streamline complex paper processes and create one-touch workflows. With a single button, your employees can now securely convert hard-copy pages into electronic documents and data, store them in an archive, and distribute them automatically to multiple users.

Capture Paper Documents

Need to convert printed materials such as reports, presentations, or invoices into popular digital formats on your PC?  Now you can easily batch scan and transform hard-copy pages into common electronic file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and text. Through advanced automated scanning, you can capture specific document numbers, company names, sender names, and more, then let the system classify, distribute, and archive them automatically.

Capture and Archive Paper Documents

Archiving high volumes of paper documents into shareable electronic documents is made easier with imageWARE Scan Manager DS. Using high-end imageFORMULA DR-Series scanners, paper documents are converted and information is automatically captured for storage in an imageWARE Document Server and can be accessed or viewed through imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop.

Process Hard-Copy Data Quickly, Automatically

Save time and eliminate the costly errors associated with manual data entry. Now you can batch scan forms and invoices, automatically capturing embedded information and distributing it to multiple destin- ations including archives and databases. Users can also add relevant contextual information as each document is stored, thereby enabling people to search, manage, and retrieve information quickly at a later date.

Create Secure, Compliant, Cost-Effective Archives

Say goodbye to hard-copy storage costs by building a central repository for electronic data and documents. State-of-the-art security features also allow you to more easily comply with company policies and government regulations.

Share and Collaborate Documents

Sharing and collaborating between imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop users is as simple as placing an imageWARE Document Server into the Essentials environment. imageWARE Document Server offers highly advanced document management functions – project teams can easily find, share, read, and comment on files stored in Document Server using Desktop.

Collaborate Easily Wherever You Work

With Canon solutions, users can upload, download, and distribute digital documents securely through a Web browser. Enable access from both internet and extranet connections.

Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • General Office

    Small and medium-sized businesses of all kinds require central repositories for pres- entations, proposals, marketing plans, and other documents. With Canon document management solutions, you can easily create a server-based archive of both electronic and scanned hard-copy documents.

  • Manufacturing and Warehousing

    Even today, most small and medium-sized warehouses rely on paper-based invoices and work orders -often with costly and unreliable data entry workflows. Now you can quickly convert those hard copies into electronic data at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions. Route the data automatically either to a database or to multiple users via email or fax.

  • Financial and Real Estate: Improved Data Processing

    Most financial companies have great need for data entry and storage. In fact, some can generate up to 10,000 pieces of paper every month! An intelligent indexing sol- ution can drastically cut these costs and deliver customer information faster. Together with Canon’s DR-Series or third-party scanners, imageWARE Scan Manager DS and Document Server provide a centralized document capturing system. With it, you can automatically scan and process business documents for future search and ret- rieval. Reduce manual labor by processing documents through bar code and form recognition, then export digitized documents seamlessly to imageWARE Document Server for storage and retrieval.


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