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Overcome Document-Related Challenges with Ease

Familiar with popular computer file formats like .XLS, .PDF, .DOC, and .JPG? Imagine you have a critical meeting in a few minutes. Support for your proposal is found in several file types on your computer. How can you quickly assemble and organize this information into a high-quality report to make your case?

Canon offers two powerful, easy solutions for this and many other document-related challenges. Built on the same architecture, one serves general office needs, and the other serves more advanced prepress needs. Both solutions enable users to easily assemble documents from multiple sources and leverage all your Canon MFP devices finishing options to create compelling, professional-looking reports and presentations.

General Office Publishing

Office workers use imageWARE Publishing Manager to quickly assemble booklets, presentations, and other critical documents. Then the software lets these users take full advantage of their Canon devices finishing tools to output just like the pros with tabs, inserts, covers, stapling, spiral binding, and more.

Settle For Average Office Tools No Longer

Don’t let a single application dictate how you create your documents. Now you can easily combine scanned pages, PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets and more into unified, professional reports and presentations. With Canon publication solutions you can work more quickly and make a real impression with your documents.

Drag and Drop Multiple Files to Create a Single Document

Streamline document assembly like never before. Complement your existing desktop software with an application that allows you to drag and drop files into a powerful document window.

Say Goodbye to Manual Collation

Eliminate time-consuming collation tasks once and for all. Canon publication solutions make it easy to organize files on-screen, adn then output them with confidence. Drag and drop files into a powerful document window, or scan in hard-copy pages to combine them with common office formats. Edit page order and arrange content with familiar, straightforward tools.

Deliver Advanced Finishing to the Office

Leave behind tedious manual stapling and report binding tasks once and for all. Take advantage of a full array of finishing settings unavailable in other software. Print 1-up, 2-up, and create booklets with tabs, inserts, and spiral binding to give your work the professional look it deserves.

Maximize Results with Powerful Personalization Features

Personalized, one-to-one marketing can greatly improve response rates. With Canon publishing solutions, you can set text and image fields more easily than ever before, then populate them with data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other data sources in order to personalize each piece. Canon solutions empower you to create everything from simple mail merges to sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Professional & Prepress

Professional printers use imageWARE Prepress Manager – an easy-to-operate, cost-effective application designed to simplify document assembly, make-ready, and other production tasks to facilitate easier creation of high-quality booklets, manuals, catalogs, brochures, and more.

Speed Document Assembly

Easily combine files from multiple format types into finished, professional output including chapter headings, pagination, and custom imposition settings. Preview output and make late-stage textual changes to finished documents. You can even create documents using variable data.

Save Time and Money with Streamlined Workflows

Professional print shops face constant pressure to provide better, faster services for less. Now you can meet those ambitious demands by automating your workflows with Hot Folders that consistently apply specific settings to commonly run jobs. You can also streamline job ticketing with JDF.

Finish to the Highest Standards

PrePress Manager offers professional finishing settings. Accurately execute book spine printing, and output to a variety of formats including tabbed, stapled, saddle- stitched, hole-punched, z-folded sheets or booklets. You can also mix and match all kinds of different pages including single-sided, double-sided, color, and black-and- white within one fully collated document file.

Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • General Office

    Do your people create presentations, reports, or newsletters regularly? Why not enable them to look like pros with Canon publishing solutions. They can now quickly assemble complex documents from multiple files and then use the advanced finishing settings on a Canon MFP to produce printed covers, bookets, and more. These solutions enable businesses to upgrade their images while conserving time, money, and resources.

  • Advertising

    Small and medium-sized businesses can make their direct marketing efforts much more compelling by personalizing flyers, cards, invitations, and other materials with Canon publishing or prepress solutions. Swap out names and images using simple items like Excel spreadsheets or databases to populate your communications.

  • Professional Print Shops

    Printers can significantly reduce time and cost with Canon prepress solutions. Work- flow automation, advanced job ticketing workflows, and comprehensive make-ready capabilities help make all jobs easier, while standout features like spine printing enable faster, more profitable processes.


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