Output Management and Cost Control

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Print Productively While Controlling Costs

Even in a time when business leaders are highly motivated to reduce waste, many companies still spend far too much on device usage and output. Too many machines sit idle, color is used irresponsibly, and too many pages are printed, then wasted unnecessarily.  They also need to manage costs and accurately bill device activity back to clients and departments.

Cost Control/Accounting

Gain Comprehensive Insight into Device Activity

Now you can understand exactly how your staff is using printers, scanners, and copiers.  Canon cost-recovery solutions deliver comprehensive details on all copy, scan, print, and fax activity, and allow you to manage document costs by device, department, user, document attribute, and more. You can monitor activity from almost anywhere through a convenient web-based interface, and also set the software to deliver alerts and scheduled reports automatically via email.

Rein in Unnecessary Expenses

Armed with useful information about network activity, you can now make informed decisions that increase resource efficiency and streamline productivity. Canon cost-recovery solutions allow you to better allocate resources to those who need them most, and set limits and controls over output capabilities where they might be wasted.

Uncover and Eliminate Hidden Costs

With comprehensive insight into output-related costs, you can influence behavior company-wide.  Encourage users to work more productively and cost effectively, with a better appreciation for efficiencies gained by options such as 2-up, 4-up, duplex printing, and intelligent use of color.

Accurately Track and Bill Back

By comprehensively tracking internal usage, you can learn which areas of your business are using more output resources.  Accurate, detailed reports enable you to allocate costs to internal departments and correctly bill external clients as needed.

Collaborate Easily Wherever You Work

Canon cost-recovery solutions are ideal not only for small offices with only one or two printers, but also for enterprise-level organizations.

uniFLOW Output Manager

uniFLOW Output Manager enables your business to provide access to high-quality output capabilities while offering intelligent controls that can save money and improve operational performance. uniFLOW is a highly scalable, modular platform perfect for small businesses and global enterprises alike. Companies can purchase only the modules they need and adjust their configuration as they grow or change.

Make Your Employees More Productive

Maximize device uptime and cost efficiency with intelligent job routing.  Automatically reroute high-volume or color print jobs from desktop printers to multifunction imageRUNNER devices with lower costs per page, or divert print jobs to available devices if a user’s first choice is busy.

Manage and Reduce Costs

uniFLOW helps the finance department track and assess the organizations current printing costs. For Canon MFPs, copy, fax and scan usage can also be recorded along with any printing activity.  Each printer can be assigned multiple price structures, allowing the tracking of charges to the user as well as the internal printing costs.
Budgets can be set to stop users printing more than they are entitled to. Managers’ authorization can be required before printing large or expensive jobs.
Multi-level cost codes can be assigned to print and copy jobs making sure the correct budget is charged for the work.

Improve Document Security

uniFLOW enables you to increase security measures for device activity across your organization. Jobs can be held at the uniFLOW server until a user provides identification at the device, preventing unauthorized persons from retrieving a confidential document. uniFLOW integrates easily with many identification systems including magnetic card readers, contactless card readers, and keyboard entry. For example, the easy-to-use MiCard enables users to identify themselves by waving their cards near a reader, while uniFLOW MEAP also allows users to access and print documents securely from Canon imageRUNNER devices.

Reduce IT Administrator Burden uniFLOW helps in reducing IT administrator burden by :

  1. Easing task to reduce access to MFP (via Access Management System Integration)
  2. Integration with back-end systems (by providing a self-learning card authentication system)
  3.  Providing custom workflows (new Workflow engine)
  4. Enhancing document security (via integration with imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Express)
  5. Providing support for different types of printers or MFPs (via support for Canon MEAP, imageRUNNER 2500 integration, embedded application for secure printing on 3rd party devices and microMIND)

Ideal Business Solutions for:

  • General Office

    Many companies seek solutions for device management, secure output, color printing, and the ability to bill print costs to internal departments or outside clients.  Canon cost-recovery solutions allow them to accurately account for document costs and ensure that they are tracked and billed appropriately.  uniFLOW Output Manger can help you analyze and control this activity. You’ll know who’s printing, what they are printing, at what quantities, and what costs you can expect.

  • Legal

    Law firms often bill document costs including fax, print, and copy activities to clients. Canon cost-recovery solutions enable them to assess these costs more accurately, with granular insight into document printing and copying usage.

  • Consulting

    By using the imageWARE EMC Accounting Management Plug-in’s three-tiered billing code functionality, consultants in all fields – environmental, financial, billing, and more – can easily account for document costs and accurately charge them to their clients.

  • Marketing

    Creative groups can more accurately bill clients for output costs, especially color proofs and other expensive output options.

  • Professional Services Firms

    Law firms, environmental consultants, ad agencies, and other consultants often charge their clients for printing, copying, and other device usage. With uniFLOW Output Manager, businesses can quickly and accurately charge expenses to client and project codes. Create reports on these costs on the fly, or generate them automatically to ensure timely invoicing.

  • Corporate Reprographics Departments (CRD)

    In professional print environments, uniFLOW can flexibly enhance part or all of your production workflows from job submission to document finishing. To maximize speed and accuracy, customers can submit orders through a streamlined, easy-to-follow job submission menu that includes an online system that enables customers and printers to specify job details and track progress.

    You can then streamline output and reduce costs in a number of ways. Comprehensive make-ready tools speed job production, while load balancing maximizes productivity. You can also divide mixed-color and black-and-white print jobs between the most efficient machines and then combine them later. Best of all, you can oversee all output-related activity with a dashboard for print job management.

  • Educational Institutions

    Schools, libraries, and other institutions often provide self-service access to pay-for-print and copy services. With uniFLOW, they can easily set up accounts linked to student ID cards. Students then have access to secure, high-quality output when needed, while schools can accurately recover costs.


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