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Our Values

We promise you the best products on the market and the best service in the area. Nothing less. That’s The Davis Difference.

We’ve been able to deliver on this promise since 1963 by sticking to our seven core values. Here they are:

The customer comes first

  • You, the customer, are the center of everything we do. All of our products, services and processes are tuned to your needs.
  • Every action we take is driven by the goal of serving you better. We listen to your ideas and serve as a champion for your interests.

Serve each customer’s long-term interests

  • We don’t sacrifice long-term relationships for short-term gain. Instead, we aspire to work with you for decades. This commitment guides how we serve you over the days, weeks, months and years.

Pursue innovation for the sake of our customers

  • Even when we’re not on site helping you, we’re thinking of how we can serve you better. One way we do that is by always offering the most advanced technologies. This helps our customers in three ways:
    • If you’re an early adopter, we always have the new technology you want.
    • If there’s an upgrade that fits your business, we tell you about it and show you how it helps.
    • If you’re a late adopter, we give you a smooth upgrade when the new technology becomes a must-have.

Never compromise safety, health or environmental responsibility

  • Printing depends on trees, so we have a duty to use natural resources responsibly. We embrace this duty by serving as a leader in the switch to digital document management that lets you create a truly paperless office.
  • As for safety, you’ve probably seen the warning labels and cautions that come with printing equipment, toners and ink cartridges. We make sure that everything from a single ink cartridge to a massive, obsolete machine is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Demonstrate personal and professional competence

  • Our service technicians have been with us for an average of 25 years each, and our sales professionals for an average 26 years each. You won’t find commitment and experience like that anywhere else.
  • We constantly invest in our team through education and training. The result? A team of the most experienced, caring and accessible professionals you’ll find in any industry.

Foster mutual respect and open dialogue

  • We respect our customers, our colleagues and our vendors equally. Our rule is to treat others as we would like to be treated. Many of our vendors have become clients simply because they like how we do business with them. The respect that runs through our business is one of the reasons that in 2023 we will celebrate 60 years.

Always have integrity

This needs no explanation. You either have it or you don’t.

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With Davis, it's one less thing your IT guy has to worry about. And they're local, it's not like you only see them a couple times a year. Scott drops off my toner in person. If we need something, they're here fast, from a half-hour to a max of four...

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