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There are many things that cause a business owner to have nightmares — at the top of the list is a computer failure that stops operations in its tracks. No company is immune to the threat of data failure. Recently, for retail giant Target, the fear became reality as nearly every register in all stores throughout the United States went down.

Fortunately, the system outage only lasted two hours. But, that two hours of downtime cost Target roughly $50 million in lost sales and caused their stock shares to drop by two percent. In reality, Target’s ability to go from a catastrophic outage to getting back online in such a short period of time is a huge accomplishment. With significant IT infrastructure in place to respond, the company was able to investigate the problem, determine that there had been no data breach and reboot all systems to full operation relatively quickly. For the company, assuring that no data had been compromised was key. In 2013, a data breach affected 41 million customers and resulted in a legal settlement costing them millions.

Your data and how you protect it is critical to the success of your business — no matter your size. For a health organization, your data includes detailed medical and insurance information, for law offices there are endless client files and records, financial planners have high level access to sensitive financial portfolios, the list goes on. No matter the industry, data is critical. In many cases, data security methods are heightened by legally mandated regulations like HIPAA and PCI.


So, how do you protect your company from cyber security threats and data failure? Target spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The key is to find an affordable technology partner who you can trust. As seen in the Target event, data issues and cyber attacks don’t only happen during business hours, you have to be prepared to respond 24/7. At Davis Business Technologies we make it a priority to be available when the need for help arises. Our service desk technicians are available 24/7. But, that is only a small piece of your Cyber Security response plan. Most of our work occurs before disaster strikes. We help ensure that you have up-to-date systems needed to prevent an attack or data failure and back-ups in place in the event an attack occurs.


Although all industries need overall data and cyber security infrastructure, the needs vary depending on the types of data stored and industry-specific regulatory requirements. Here is a short list of how Davis Business Technologies customizes our services to serve the cyber security needs of different industries:

We protect your intellectual property — the core of your ability to be profitable for the long term — and put in place processes to ensure reliability of manufacturing operations.

HIPAA and other compliance requirements are critical in the healthcare industry. We address these needs as well as ensure brand protection, secure connectivity and offer a unified security platform.

Small and Midsize Businesses
Each small and midsize business has its own unique set of needs, with expense management a key factor. We provide affordable options, giving you access to the same level expertise that large companies have at their disposal.

In a retail operation the ability to continually process transactions without hiccups is critical. We help you ensure the reliability of your POS system while also assisting with compliance needs.

Law & Finance
Legal and financial institutions/advisors have a need to secure highly sensitive data and are subject to intense compliance regulations. We help ensure all needs are met and a backup system in place to allow recovery in the event of a data attack or failure.

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