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Are You in Government?

Canon offers substantial discounts to government customers. This includes:

  • Federal Government
  • State and County Governments
  • Municipal Governments
  • Public Libraries
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • Special Districts
  • Government Contractors
  • Court Systems
  • Fire, Rescue & Ambulance Nonprofits

Government offices of all types are eligible for Canon’s special discount on printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines.

Pennsylvania government entities also save with pre-approved purchasing contracts through the COSTARS program. Contact us today for pricing and offers.

How Canon Can Help Your Government Office

Today, government offices must perform at a higher level than ever before. Challenges include safeguarding confidential data, complying with accessibility and other regulations, and performing greater volumes of work on tighter budgets.

Canon’s document management solutions help you meet these challenges by improving all aspects of your government office’s workflow.

Canon helps you…

  • Speed up your document-related tasks
  • Store documents in digital archives that can be searched in seconds
  • Enhance security
  • Distribute documents quickly and accurately
  • Improve accessibility
  • Lower your environmental impact
  • Reduce your printing costs

Contact us today to find out how much your government office can save on a new all-in-one document management solution, or any other printer, copier, scanner or fax machine.


The Top Reasons to Choose Canon as Your Government Office’s Document Management Solution

  1. Simplify and Automate Your Document Workflow
    • You can combine multistep office tasks into one-touch workflows to save time.
      • With a single command you can scan a document, email it to a list of your choice, fax it to another list, and create an electronic archive.
    • Canon makes digital filing easy. Documents are easily and accurately indexed using the filing and naming method of your choice.
  2. Scan Hard-Copy Documents with Speed and Flawless Clarity
    • Scan up to 200 page-impressions per minute by capturing images of both sides of a document at once.
    • Scan original documents of various sizes all at once, without having to sort by size.
    • Reduce your scanning costs, speed up workflow by days, and enhance security when you perform high-volume scanning right in your office. With Canon, there’s no need to outsource your scanning jobs anymore.
  3. Build Secure Digital Document Archives and Find Documents in Seconds
    • Automatically scan, index and add classification numbers to your documents, then store them in the network location of your choice.
    • Canon’s scan manager is compatible with your existing document management system. Or, use Canon’s imageWARE document manager to share files with a few colleagues or your entire office.
  4. Simplify High-Volume Faxing: No More Fax Machine Headaches
    • Make sure that incoming faxes reach the right people.
      • Automatically forward faxes from various senders to specific recipients in your office.
      • Each recipient is notified and can access their faxes from their computer or the Canon device.
    • If you want to keep certain incoming faxes confidential, you can route faxes from pre-set numbers to a secure digital inbox.
    • Make faxing documents to multiple recipients faster, easier and more accurate with Canon’s programmable one-touch distribution buttons.
    • Consolidate your fax lines: One Canon machine does the job of four fax machines and significantly reduces your monthly fax budget.
  5. Contain Administrative Costs within Your Office
    • Use Canon’s tools and permission settings to prevent excessive printing and unchecked use of higher-cost formats (such as glossy color).
    • Download in-depth reports on your office’s print habits. These insights make it easy to reduce your overall print costs.
    • Track printing and distribute document costs across individual users, tasks, projects or departments.
    • Ensure that your office prints efficiently by creating document management policies.
  6. Easily Share and Distribute Standard Documents and Templates
    • Store commonly used documents in their native formats directly on your Canon device’s built-in network hard drive.
    • Users in your office and off-site can access these commonly used documents for easy printing, editing and distribution.
    • Canon’s central document storage lets you ensure that everyone in your office uses up-to-date documents and doesn’t waste time hunting for standard forms.
  7. Protect Confidential Information and Print Securely
    • Restrict how various members of your office can use your Canon device, especially by limiting outbound messaging permissions.
    • Safeguard against copying and distribution of confidential documents with permissions or card access.
    • Prevent unauthorized people from picking up confidential documents by requiring authorization for print release. This prevents sensitive documents from lying vulnerable in the printer’s tray.
  8. Canon Devices are Easy to Use and Accessible
    • Intuitive controls allow everyone in your office to use Canon machines quickly, accurately, and correctly on the first try.
    • USB interfaces let you and your colleagues print or distribute documents directly from a thumb drive.
    • Customize Canon’s large color displays to improve accessibility and user experience.
    • Canon devices are accessible for visual and hearing impaired users, offering spoken menus, screen reading technology and more.
  9. Set an Environmentally-Friendly Example for Your Community
    • Conserve energy
      • Canon devices have low warm-up times and heat usage.
      • Save energy during the machine’s downtime. Canon document solutions have a one-watt sleep mode for idle periods.
      • Scan using less energy. Canon’s scanners use up to 75% less power than other models.
      • ENERGY STAR® Qualified – Choose from over 150 copiers, printers and multifunction document centers that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating.
    • Conserve resources
      • Reduce waste with standard double-sided or multi-page per sheet printing, or through many other system settings.
      • Canon machines use recyclable toners that don’t have to be sent to a special toner center.
      • Canon’s machines are designed to be recycled easily at the end of their lifespan with minimal environmental impact.
    • Control air pollution in public buildings
      • Canon machines create a safe atmosphere by reducing hazardous emissions.
      • Canon machines go above and beyond government standards, restricting the emission of 24 hazardous materials.
  10. Avoid Device Downtime
    • You don’t have to worry about the technology. Davis Business Machines performs preventative maintenance and makes sure your Canon machine is always up and running.
    • Canon machines monitor toner levels and other usable elements, and automatically orders replacements. This way you’ll never get caught without essential print supplies.
    • Your machine automatically sends service alerts and diagnostics to the Davis Business Machines service staff or your internal IT team, avoiding downtime and speeding up maintenance.
  11. Your Government Office is Eligible for a Substantial Discount on Canon Document Management Solutions
    • Contact Davis Business Machines today to find out how much your office can save on a new Canon Document Management Solution. Click here to send us a message, or call us at 1-800-287-9326.

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