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We had eight machines coming off lease and four other machines up for replacement. We surveyed a lot of companies, a lot of people, and nobody else had the kind of response I got from Davis. Their service and professionalism set them apart from some of the other companies I was dealing with. They’re also local, and we like to deal with local businesses just like they do. Our experience has changed 180 degrees. We used to have breakdowns all the time, but after going with Davis we have not had problems with any machines. We have 11 offices, and you can imagine there used to be something always going wrong. But since we changed over to Canon, they’re more reliable, our people love them, and if we ever have a problem, Davis calls us right away. I say that because at our home office, we scan a lot of old, odd-sized paper, so occasionally we get a jam. And whenever that happens, Davis calls us right away. They get the alert and they call us. I’d recommend Davis for two reasons. As I said, the reliability of the machines themselves is a big factor. Faxes and copies are the lifeblood of our business, and when they’re not running, we can’t do business. The Canons are just super. These machines have been good to us, and we’ve had no problems. And then of course, the prices are right. So that’s why we like them – the price and the quality.

Richard L.

Insurance Industry, Client since 2009

Fifteen years ago, Davis was already a vendor when we bought our business from the old owners, so our relationship started that way. When we started working as a successor, our printing demands were for high technology at a low cost. Davis Business Machines has played a significant role as far as helping us save costs so we can pass these savings on to our customers. It’s a team effort as far as Davis and our business are concerned. Davis Business Machines provides a more personal touch than other vendors. In our case, they go beyond personal touch and we’re like family. Scott is like an uncle to us, it’s a personal feeling where he’s taking care of family versus just a customer. Davis Business Machines always takes extra steps. You take one step toward them, and they take 10 steps toward you. I’d recommend them for three reasons: Exceptional customer service, great pricing and they’re always there for you. They always want to take care of you, and they always will take care of you.

M and M

Commercial Printing Industry, Client for 15 Years

Ever since we made our decision to purchase, they’ve been great with service. Bob is always in contact and we haven’t been forgotten. When we took on new features, such as scanning, they were great with showing us and teaching us. It was easy, and now we’re like, ‘How did we ever live without it?

Linda N.

Legal Industry, Client since 1990

I have been employed in food and beverage distribution for 31 years, and a big part of those 31 years we’ve dealt with Davis. They are close, they’re in the Lehigh Valley and they are very good at providing service when things break down. They get here quickly, I get supplies quickly, they’re just very good to deal with. The last probably eight years we’ve been leasing the equipment, so every 4 years we get brand new equipment in. I tell them what I want and what our staff needs, networking and so forth, and they get me the equipment that will work for our company, whether it be scanning, or networking, or anything else. I can do everything off the web. Actually, they can see there’s a problem on the copier before I even know there’s a problem on the copier. So that’s a good thing. I can describe Davis in two words: Very reliable. Whether it’s service or whether it’s looking for new equipment. I recall a couple months ago I just purchased a bunch of new Windows 7 machines and I could not get our copiers to work with them. Their IT person came over, we figured out what was going on, and that’s the level of service. Because on a day to day basis you don’t need assistance, but every once in a while you need somebody else’s expertise and they are a very good, quick, responsive company.

Debbie C.

Food & Beverage Distribution, Client since 1987

We’ve used Davis Business Machines since the early 90’s, and we’ve stayed with them because the service is always good. Every time that I call for something, somebody calls me right back or is here fast, or Scott comes over and sees what I need. They’re always ready for when we need to upgrade and they know what we need. I tell them what kinds of things we’re doing and they keep track of all of the accounts so I don’t have to do that. And now with the new printer that we have, everything is done through the internet, so I don’t even have to think about it. That’s really the thing I like, not to have to think about it. We went from having individual printers to having a copier that can do color, scanning, emailing and everything. Davis is local and they’re friendly and they know what they’re doing. I have already referred people to Davis because of that alone.

Andrea D.

Financial Industry, Client since 1993

With Davis, it’s one less thing your IT guy has to worry about. And they’re local, it’s not like you only see them a couple times a year. Scott drops off my toner in person. If we need something, they’re here fast, from a half-hour to a max of four hours. These days, everything has to be fixed yesterday. Well, they’re as close to that as possible.

Dave F.

Manufacturing, Client since 1988

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