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Are you in Healthcare?

Canon offers substantial discounts to customers in the healthcare field. This includes:

  • Hospitals and Health Networks
  • Group Practices
  • Medical Offices
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Nursing and Residential Care
  • Clinics
  • Medical Labs
  • Radiology Offices

Both public and private medical offices are eligible for Canon’s healthcare discount on printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines.

How Canon Can Help Your Medical Office

The move toward electronic medical records and HIPAA compliance has brought new challenges to already busy healthcare offices.

Canon helps you improve your document workflows, process forms, and transfer patient information in and out of electronic record systems – and do it all with HIPAA-compliant information security.

Contact us today to find out how much you can save on a new all-in-one document management solution, or any other printer, copier, scanner or fax machine.

The Top Reasons to Choose Canon for your Health Care Office’s Document Management Solution

  1. Accelerate Your Path to Electronic Medical Records
    • Enter forms and other documents into your electronic medical records system with one touch, without manual data entry after the scan.
    • Forms and documents are indexed easily using the method of your choice.
  2. Ensure Security and HIPAA Compliance
    • Restrict who can access and transfer patient records.
    • Gain security without slowing down day-to-day use. Log-ins are only required for security-sensitive functions, not everyday printing and copying.
    • Receive faxes securely. Your Canon machine automatically routes incoming faxes to secure inboxes, so sensitive information is never left sitting on a tray.
  3. Send and Receive Documents More Efficiently
    • Streamline the workflow for sending documents to labs, pharmacies, referrals and other destinations.
    • Create one-touch distribution buttons to make sending documents faster, easier and more accurate.
    • Consolidate your fax lines – one Canon system does the job of four fax machines, significantly reducing your monthly fax costs.
  4. Promote Safety and Environmentally Conscious Behavior
    • Control air pollution in your buildings to protect your patients and staff
      • Canon machines create a safe and healthy atmosphere by reducing the emission of hazardous substances.
      • Canon machines go above and beyond government standards, restricting the emission of 24 hazardous materials.
    • Conserve energy
      • Canon devices have fast warm-up times and low heat usage.
      • Canon document solutions have a one-watt sleep mode to save energy during downtime.
      • Scan using less energy. Canon’s scanners use up to 75% less power than other models.
      • ENERGY STAR® Qualified – Choose from over 150 copiers, printers and multifunction document centers that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating.
    • Conserve resources
      • Reduce waste with standard double-sided or multi-page per sheet printing, or through many other system settings.
      • Canon machines use recyclable toners that don’t have to be sent to a special toner center.
      • Canon’s machines are designed to be recycled easily at the end of their lifespan with minimal environmental impact.
  5. Control Your Printing Costs
    • Use advanced tools to curb excessive printing and monitor print use.
    • Gain in-depth, system-wide use reports to reduce your overall print costs.
    • Track printer use and distribute costs across individual partners or cost centers.
    • Institute any printing policy you create in order to ensure that your office prints efficiently.
  6. Avoid Device Downtime
    • You don’t have to worry about the technology. Davis Business Machines carries out preventative maintenance and makes sure your machine is always up and running.
    • Canon machines automatically monitor toner levels and other elements, and automatically order replacements when levels run low. This way you’ll never get caught without the print supplies you need.
    • Your machine automatically sends service reports to the Davis Business Machines service staff or your internal IT team to avoid downtime and speed up maintenance.
  7. Your Office Gets a Substantial Discount on Canon Document Management Solutions
    • Contact Davis Business Machines today to find out how much your healthcare office can save on a new Canon Document Management Solution. Click here to send us a message, or call us at 1-800-287-9326.

Note: Discount applies to customers with primary SIC Code 8000-8099 and/or NAICS code 621111-624310.

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