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Cybersecurity in the Lehigh Valley

Since 1963, Davis Business Machines has been trusted by local companies to manage their equipment and imaging needs. Now we are offering a solution to your cyber security needs. With our cybersecurity in the Lehigh Valley you can feel confident in knowing your data is protected. No company is immune to the threat of data failure. Recently, for retail giant Target, the fear became reality as nearly every register in all stores throughout the United States went down. Fortunately, the system outage only lasted two hours. But, that two hours of downtime cost Target roughly $50 million in lost sales and caused their stock shares to drop by two percent. In reality, Target’s ability to go from a catastrophic outage to getting back online in such a short period of time is a huge accomplishment. No matter the size of your company, or what you specialize in, the threat of data loss is just as real as it was for Target. If you work in the healthcare field you have medical documents and medical history that must stay confidential or you risk a major issue. Law offices have various legal documents that are sensitive to public eyes. Even in a finance setting data is extremely critical and must always remain in the owner’s hands.

As seen in the Target event, data issues and cyber attacks don’t only happen during business hours, you have to be prepared to respond 24/7. At Davis Business Technologies we make it our priority to have help available when the need arises. Our service desk technicians are available 24/7 and stick to a 2-ring pickup policy. If your company already has IT or outsources already, Davis Business Technologies will partner up with your current team to completely protect your network from all angles. With more info available on our MSP section on the website, you can see a closer example of all that we have to offer. We are located in Allentown PA, in the Lehigh Valley, and ready to partner with your company today. When you are looking for cybersecurity in the Lehigh Valley, don’t forget that the Davis Business family wants to help and work towards keeping all of the precious data your company contains, within your network. Contact us Today, or send me a message!

When you partner with Davis Business Technologies, we set out to make sure your company and network are protected.

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