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The State of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for business owners. In the, “State of Cybersecurity” annual report, CompTIA reported that if the issue is cybersecurity, Then the “capacity for innovation exceeds the capacity for adaptation” within the business world.
With that being known, all there is to do is adapt and overcome, right? This blog was able to perfectly describe just how much the business world overlooks cyber security as well as how imperative it is to obtain a secure cybersecurity team.

“Cybersecurity has become a business imperative, something as important to the long-term success of an organization as finances or legal practices,” according to CompTIA. “Given this high priority, a quick response seems appropriate, but instead companies appear to be stuck.”
CompTIA analysts offered two pieces of data as evidence of this blockade in cybersecurity evolution:

  • In 2020, 80% of individuals surveyed reported feeling as though the state of cybersecurity was improving. In 2021, just 69% reported this feeling.
  • In 2020, 82% of employees polled felt satisfied with their company’s approach to cybersecurity. Last year, that number fell to 70%.

For some companies, it is necessary to have over 50-100 employees on payroll. With Cybersecurity in place, every employee is on that network and needs to be protected. This would be expensive as every person needs to be “monitored” so that no breach can occur. Business owners may see this expense as something they could never afford. But, could they afford to lose all of their customers and their information? with, “Prolonged pandemic uncertainty, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, and supply chain attacks rippling through the business landscape are all likely contributors to a more pessimistic sentiment,” researchers explained. “Given everything happening on the world stage, practices that were previously considered good enough might not be cutting it anymore.”

Moreover, “One of the biggest complications is that modern security requires a completely different mindset,” the report noted. We want to pose the question: Is your approach to cybersecurity “cutting it?”

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